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Meet Our Team

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson hails from Overland Park, Kansas and believes social media has revolutionized communication, allowing people to stay connected in a way never before possible. He has a 10-year-old son, Silas, and a 13-year-old daughter, Bella, and enjoys confusing them with obscure history facts in his free time. He also makes an award-winning barbecue sauce which will soon take the world by storm!

Andrew Wilson – 541.402.4194 – awilson@unifylink.com

Jeff Craig

Jeff Craig is a family man from Eugene, OR who likes camping, fishing, and spending time outdoors with his 3 children. Known to frequent Jack in the Box at lunch time, it makes a lot of sense that his favorite quote is “Why say no when it feels so good to say yes?”

Jeff Craig – 541.402.4088 – jcraig@unifylink.com

Jordan Graham

Jordan Graham – Jordan is a consummate professional with a seemingly endless supply of energy (and Monster energy drinks). When he isn’t at Unifylink, he enjoys spending time with his 2-year-old son, Jaxon, and rooting for the Portland Trail Blazers. His favorite quote is “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value” by Albert Einstein.

Jordan Graham – 541.402.4113 – jgraham@unifylink.com

Ryan Hensley

Ryan Hensley is a lover of all things art and culture-related. In his free time he enjoys attending local art shows, watching episodes of Mystery Science Theater, and lending his voice to short films and animations. Favorite quote: “There are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things. This first group is less crowded.” – Mark Twain

Ryan Hensley – 541.402.4094 – rhensley@unifylink.com

Kenny Inthavong

Kenny Inthavong is an adventurous spirit who wants to one day take a road trip across the United States and witness the Northern Lights in Alaska firsthand. He has been in Portland for only a year and a half, but quickly took a liking to the food carts and craft beer selection. Interesting fact: Kenny has an identical twin.

Kenny Inthavong – 541.402.4090 – kinthavong@unifylink.com

Andrew Dennison

Our Ambassador to the outdoors, Andrew brings his love of everything wild to the office every day! A passionate Fisherman & Family man, Andrew’s favorite feature of the northwest are the numerous rivers to explore. The Eugene native brings clients believes social media is a key piece in creating long lasting relationships.

Andrew Dennison – 541.402.4550 – adennison@unifylink.com

Blue Young

A hometown hero, Blue is a constant source of cheer & positivity in the office. Father of two sons and one “badass” Mini Schnauzer, Blue spends his days away from the office cheering on his Wife’s Volleyball Team! Through his love of cheap Chinese food & Taco Trucks, Blue understands the power of social media and its importance in our society.

Blue Young – 541.402.4096 – byoung@unifylink.com

Taylor Eldredge

Born in PDX, Taylor enjoys all the PNW has to offer. A regular at the beach, Taylor spends most of his off time with his Fiancé and His Dog. The quote, “Build Your Dream or Someone will pay you to help build theirs” rings true daily for Taylor. Here at Unifylink, he enjoys educating clients about social media and see it as a way to help other build their dreams.

Taylor Eldredge – 541.402.4092 – teldredge@unifylink.com


Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller fell in love with Portland while getting his communication degree. Creating Radio advertisements lead him down the path of social media marketing (don’t ask how!) When he is not busy brainstorming slogans for clients, he enjoys cooking with local ingredients from the Portland farmers market and discovering new hiking trails in the northwest. Random Fact: He eats sushi for breakfast at least twice a week.

Jeff Miller – 541.402.4117 – jmiller@unifylink.com

Robby Zandbergen

Robby hails from the mountains of Walsh, Co. The dedicated husband and dad knowing how to enjoy Portland he spends quality family time camping, hiking, and swimming. Bringing 10+ years of online know how to our Company Robby is a constant source of “joie de vivre” for our clients and lives every day with the knowledge that we control our own destiny.

Robby Zandbergen 541.402.4086 – rzandbergen@unifylink.com

Rachael Wood

Rachael Wood has lived in Portland with her son and daughter for 4 years. She likes to stay active by playing and coaching volleyball and prides herself on her ability to make a mouth-watering pasta. Don’t ever get in an argument with her though – she coached a high school debate team for 2 years!

Rachael Wood– 541.402.4085 – rwood@unifylink.com

Ethan Swaney

Ethan Swaney is an avid snowboarder and a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan. On any given weekend, you can find him exploring downtown Portland in search of the best street tacos or glued to his phone playing Madden football. He feels social media plays a vital role in bringing aid and awareness to important issues, which is what initially got him started working in this industry.

Ethan Swaney – 541.402.4093 – eswaney@unifylink.com

Deedra Rasmussen

Deedra is a Portland native who loves the city for its eclectic vibes. She’s an avid Duck football fan who enjoys fishing, disc golf, and cooking some of her favorite foods: Italian and BBQ. Deedra is an amazing listener who is always willing to help out her friends or family. Favorite quote: “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs

Deedra Rasmussen – 541.402.4191 – drasmussen@unifylink.com

Jason Randall

“If you only know the magnificence of 3, 6, and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.” A quote by Nikola Tesla, which Jason Randall uses to remind himself of the vast possibilities that everyday life is able to bring. Jason comes to Unifylink from Motown, MI. He is a loving father, hardcore gamer, and fan of EDM. Nine years of experience in online marketing has made Jason a master in addressing clients’ social media needs.

Jason Randall – 541.402.4112 – jrandall@unifylink.com

Annie Loveland

Annie hails originally from San Francisco, CA and currently enjoys being a hip grandmother of three. Annie is perfectly suited to enjoy Portland, as her hobbies include Portland favorites like: hiking, knitting, and beading. Since receiving her Associates Degree, Annie has an eye for business, and is a true go getter. Using the Buddah himself as her day to day guide, Annie lives by the motto: Perspective is everything.

Annie Loveland – 541.402.4091 – aloveland@unifylink.com

Erin Devine

Erin is a total family man and spends his time in his native Portland being Dad to his beautiful daughter Stella. A man of destiny and expression, Erin brings over ten years of experience in international sales and marketing to our Portland office. Erin is most happy when reading, fishing, or catching the most recent episode of the Oregon Field Guide with Stella close by.

Erin Devine – 541.402.4185 – edevine@unifylink.com

Pierceon Bellemare

Pierceon brings over three years of knowledge and experience to Unifylink. A Canadian transplant, he is a true renaissance man, as he plays guitar, piano, and even quotes Winston Churchill. A frequent watcher of “Trailer Park Boys” and the Baltimore Ravens; Pierceon is truly a one-of-a-kind member of our team!

Pierceon Bellemare – 541.402.4118 – pbellemare@unifylink.com

DJ Larson

Graphic Designer DJ Larson is all about balance in life, as long as it includes fun and art. DJ, a true DIY art fiend, works in any medium he can get his hands on! Having over five years of experience working in graphic design, DJ comes to Portland via Tacoma, WA. In his down time, DJ, his girlfriend, and their Boston terrier, spend it adventuring to the next music festival.

DJ Larson – 541.402.4120 – dlarson@unifylink.com

Joe Marra

Joe Marra comes to Unifylink by way of Montana and the Big Sky. He brings five plus years of organizational marketing experience with him. With aspirations to one day hike the Patagonia, Joe enjoys the roads less travelled. When not at work, you can find Joe with a tennis racket in his hand, as he is also a local high school tennis coach.

Joe Marra – 541-402-4094 – jmarra@unifylink.com